Easily manage your ecological footprint
assessment, and improve to obtain
ISO 14001 or EMAS certification
for your business.

Virtual environmental assistant with information on latest legislation, environmental grants and incentives.

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Urban Situation

Using the location, select, enter or locate city which display the map of the buliding and surrounding area using Google Maps, Zoomed in to focus on the premises of the business. You also can change the map view to setelite for better visuals.


Floor Map

Start with uploading the map of the shop floor

1. Area in square meters

2. Date of establishment

3. Number of employees

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You can enter ballpark figures for energy, water and other consumptions in your business e.g. heating fuel, gas, electricity, diesel, renewable energy, distribution water, ground water, while labelling waste as recycled, dangerous, corrosive, flammable, harmful or toxic.


Eco Mapping

Map areas of interest on the uploaded floor map

1. Water consumption and wastewater system

2. Soil and storage

3. Air, noise & energy

4. Waste production and recycling

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Use Greenboard to manage Environmental Footprint

  • 1. If ready, generate report for certification

  • 2. Things you can do to make it better

  • 3. Plan and track improvements

  • 4. Get notified of applicable grants and regulations